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Website Management

Landing Page


Custom website design
  1 page of Content
2 design revisions
Hosting: 5k visits/mo
Free domain name
Starter Package


Custom website design
Up to 3-5 pages
2 design revisions
Hosting: 10k visits/mo
Free domain name
Standard Plus Package


Custom website design
Up to 5- 8pages
4 design revisions
Hosting: 10k visits/mo
Free domain name
Premium Package


Custom website design
Up to 8-12 pages
8 design revisions
Hosting: 20 k visits/mo
Free domain name


Are there any startup fees for the website design?

No. The only price you’ll pay is your monthly rate. The cost of the website design is included in the monthly rate.

Is there a term requirement?

We require a one year commitment for our monthly website plans.

Do you use templates or pre-made designs?

No. We design your website to your exact needs. However, we are opinionated about certain design aspects. We reuse certain components between clients because we feel it’s the best solution, not because it’s easier.

Will there be other fees?

Our plans include everything to design, build, launch, and maintain a website on the Internet. You’ll only pay your quoted monthly rate.

Do I own the completed website?

We transfer ownership rights for the website design to you when the one year commitment is fulfilled. There are core programming elements we retain ownership of. We provide you a non-exclusive, lifetime license to use these elements to operate your website.

How long does it take to build my website?

Each project is different, but on average we have a website launched within 2 to 4 weeks. This timeline can be longer or shorter depending on how proactive you are with assets and revisions.

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